I’ve been a busy bee today, but I did manage to get out for a short bit to take some photos of the snow falling in Utrecht. The native Floridian in me can’t resist! The whole country seems to have been covered, at least enough of it to make for the longest traffic jams in history. Glad I was on foot!

sneeuw 15|365


19 thoughts on “Sneeuw!

  1. It does look nice doesn’t it, like a fairytale. I’m used to snow, obviously, but still it’s enchanting when the first real snow falls (and actually sticks around for more than a few hours). Love the second picture of the Pandhof!

    • The Pandhof really did look like something out of a fairytale. It stopped me in my tracks as soon as I walked in. I’m glad the snow has stuck around, but I’m sure it’s already at the point where it gets more difficult to walk on, as it gets more icy and icky.

  2. Funny how the NS is freaking out already. Every year they react like they’ve never encountered falling leaves or snow before, it’s both hilarious and annoying. White bits falling from the sky, how can our poor trains possibly survive that:-)

    • The area around the cathedral really does look timeless in the snow. It’s one of my favourite spots anyway, but when it’s like this, it really is wonderful.

    • I’m glad we don’t get snow constantly here. It makes it easier to enjoy when it does happen. I spent a winter in New York that had me shaking my fists at the sky every time it snowed.

    • It really does make it easier to imagine how it all must have looked at various points in the past. Although I skipped the Domplein itself yesterday, since even the snow wouldn’t be able to block out some of the big trucks and equipment that’s there as they work on the installation of some more of the Trajectum Lumen lights. 😉

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