The Return of the Gargoyles

Gargoyle 8
When last we visited the Sint Maarten Kathedraal waterspuwers (St. Martin Cathedral gargoyles), we had moved into the Pandhof, the cloistered garden area of the cathedral. Sadly, work and weather have prevented me from getting over there as often as I had hoped, but I have finished one side of the garden area. I figured I’d go ahead and share photos of this particular batch. There are some interesting looking fellows and one poor guy who has been battered by the elements.

First up is my big-eared favorite who seems to have a fish head for a bottom, and the fish has wings instead of gills. I still can’t quite wrap my head around this one, but I absolutely love it.
Gargoyle 8

Next is our 1970s porn-stache entrant. That’s a face with a ton of personality! Unfortunately, some of it gets lost in the snow.
Gargoyle 9

Gargoyle 9

Gargoyle 9

Big mouth strikes again with this next fellow showing off his teeth. He’s got cloven hooves and a stylish medieval neck/shoulder warmer. Another impressive pair of ears, as well!
Gargoyle 10

Gargoyle 10

Next we come to a stylish lion with one impressive head of curls! Still, I wouldn’t tease him about the amount of time he spends on his hair. He’ll take a chunk out of you with those fangs!
Gargoyle 11

Gargoyle 11

Finally we come to the poor guy who’s seen better days. I feel bad for him having to hang out with mister hairdo right there next to him. Still, I’m sure our big mouthed friend on the other side of Locks of Lion is happier not to see what he’s bound to turn into some day. There’s a distinct family resemblance.
Gargoyle 12

Gargoyle 12


17 thoughts on “The Return of the Gargoyles

  1. It’s so great to see these close ups. I always wonder if people who walk past these old building ever look up to see all this amazing detail. I think most probably don’t which is a pity.

    • The sheer amount of detail can be overwhelming. I’m certainly seeing much more of it now that I’m photographing details. It’s wonderful to be able to take it all in, piece by piece.

  2. The medieval stonemasons making them probably had loads of fun with it. Usually they were very restrained in what they could do by Church conservatism I guess, but it seems that when it came to thinking up gargoyles, all limits were off!

  3. Porn-stache, hahaha!
    I can’t make up my mind if the first one is the cutest or the ugliest gargoyle I’ve ever seen. His mouth bothers me. I can almost hear him screech. Or bleat. Ok, he’s the ugliest.
    You let your imagination run here, Ali. Fun post! 🙂

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