A Few of the Cats in Utrecht

Kat in de Stad
We saw a number of cats today while we were walking through town, and I managed to get some shots of most of them. The first one here is one that I’ve posted about before. S/he can usually be found in this exact spot and there’s a reason for it. Look closely at the next photo and you can probably figure it out.
I’m not sure if the cat can read and has simply been fooled or if the cover that I felt further down the street that said “warmte” just wasn’t as warm as the two the cat sits on. Regardless, s/he seemed to be smiling.

Lots of shops and restaurants have cats that live there, surely as extra insurance against any unwanted invaders of the furry kind. You will often see the cats hanging out in the front windows, people watching and probably soaking up any heat. I think this next cat was enjoying all the extra heat from the lamp displays. (This just in, a Twitter contact told me the cat is appropriately — for a light shop — called Spot.)
Licht Kat

Finally, as distracting as the red shutters may be, if you look closely, you’ll see a cat down by the bicycles.
Donkerstraat Kat
Admittedly, my two cats aren’t exactly the biggest cats, but this black and white cat was pretty big!
Donkerstraat Kat
Fans of cats and Utrecht should also check out the book Kat in de Stad.

Also, if you’re an expat in the Netherlands and you brought a pet (of any sort) with you when you moved here, the author of Kat in de Stad and I are interested in getting in touch with you to include you in a book about expats and their pets. Get in touch with either of us if you’d be interested and your pet is still with you.

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