Weed Sauce and Fries

Plassend Mannetje
Remember the scene in Pulp Fiction where Vincent and Jules are discussing fast food in Europe, including the fact that the Dutch use mayo on their fries? Well, if Tarantino wants to do an updated version, he can talk about one of the new sauces on offer at Manneken Pis, a famout chain where you can get fries to go.

Manneken Pis is famous for offering a variety of sauces for the fries (frieten/patat) they sell. You can even choose multiple sauces, such as the famous patatje oorlog (war fries), which is usually peanut sauce and mayo, with or without chopped onion. This is more of a traditional Dutch choice, but I suspect the new flavor is going to be a big hit with the tourists. You see, the new sauce is a wietsaus (weed sauce). And no, we’re not talking garden weeds.

However, if you’re looking for a buzz from your fries, think again. It turns out that the hemp flavor used for the sauce contains none of the hallucinogenic elements of THC. All of the earthy flavor, none of the fun. I have to say, the hemp hand lotion I use never makes me particularly hungry when I smell it, but I’m sure someone — gullible tourists? — will go for it. If you want to try, it’s for sale beginning Thursday at the three locations in the center of Utrecht and one in Amsterdam.

Oh, and in other non-appetizing news, Manneken Pis means “little man pee” and is the name for the famous Belgian statue/fountain. Well, the Belgians are famous for their fries. Since I don’t have a photo of the shops in town, I went with the Dick Bruna version of the manneken pis.


14 thoughts on “Weed Sauce and Fries

  1. Sounds like a clever idea to get money off tourists. It’s like those weed lollipops, candy etc. they sell in the tourists shops in Amsterdam. And I’m pretty sure there’s no actual weed in those either šŸ™‚

    • Especially with the tourist season heading into high gear! šŸ™‚ (Also, apologies for not getting back to you yet. These articles are going to be the death of me!)

  2. If the weed lollipops and sauce taste anything like weed smells, I think I’ll pass…. Did have a spliff once, but weed just wasn’t my thing. Never tried durian fruit before, that’s the horrible smelling one isn’t it?

  3. The “tartaar saus” they have at Manneken Pis is heavenly by the way. It’s like mayo with pickles and onion in it. It’s more a Belgian thing (but then again they sell Belgian style chips, obviously), but I love it!

  4. Went to a “Swamp Cabbage Festival” with these appetizing items on the menu – BBQ’d Armadillo, pine needle tea, blackened Alligator, Hog “oysters”, and fried rattlesnake. It’s enough to make you loose weight. No sauces to compete, however!

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