Beer and Bravery

De Leckere Kat
For some people, alcohol takes away their inhibitions, not to mention their sense of self preservation. To look at some cats, you’d think they were raging alcoholics, doing whatever they want, when they want, and going wherever they want. I spotted this gorgeous Siamese cat enjoying the view from a sign for a local brewery — De Leckere — that hangs outside Pret à Porter, a restaurant on Domstraat. Seeing stuff like this makes you understand how the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” could come about. Or maybe I’m just jealous, because I don’t like heights. I also want to call this cat Claude, per the motto on the sign.

For another perspective, here’s a photo of the restaurant and the sign on which the cat was perched. (And FYI, there’s a beer brewer’s festival tomorrow at Molen de Ster and De Leckere will be there. Details in the Events Calendar.)
Pret a Porter

8 thoughts on “Beer and Bravery

  1. Too funny, we had a Siamese cat named Claude for many years, and he’d do exactly that sort of thing. Reincarnated as himself, you think?

    • I’ve always loved Siamese cats. They’re so beautiful! We have some neighbor cats who like to do stuff like this. I just hope they don’t give my two cats any ideas!

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