Nijntje and Miffy

The weather is still cold and grey, although the rain has held off for most of the day. Small blessings. However, I did notice this colourful window near the Stadhuis this afternoon, featuring Nijntje (AKA Miffy), the little rabbit created by Utrechter Dick Bruna. The weather may not be smile-inducing, but this window display above a children’s book/toy store certainly was.

2 thoughts on “Nijntje and Miffy

  1. Every Dutch child has been brought up with Nijntje and the other creations by Dick Bruna. I still have some of my old books, all worn and well-loved. Nijntje is such a Dutch icon. I never liked the English name Miffy though, Nijntje sounds so very sweet (it’s an abbreviation of konijntje). Like Jip & Janneke (not a Dick Bruna design btw), the design is so simple, that’s what I love about it now. Nice photo!

    • I prefer the Nijntje name, as well, although I wasn’t familiar with the character when I was little. I suspect she hadn’t really made the full overseas move back when I was young enough for the books. However, I do remember a building in Manhattan across from my office window with a Nijnte poster in the window. I had no idea then that I’d end up so familiar with her!

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