When Allergies Attack

Despite having a variety of topics I’ve been meaning to blog about, my allergies have been sucking the energy right out of me. Thus, the recent blog silence. Hopefully, I’ll get some actual content up this week, but in the meantime, here’s Springweg, a street off Mariaplaats, looking lovely in the sun and dappled shadows.

10 thoughts on “When Allergies Attack

    • If only we could have evolved past it! Instead, it seems to have become more of a problem as I get older. Of course, with all the bits of white fluff floating through the air and the cars turned yellow from pollen, I guess the season is finally upon us. Achoo! 😉

      • You’re right we’re in the middle of hayfever season now, unfortunately. I had a few years where suddenly I became extremely allergic, especially to birch pollen, they would make my whole face swell up. Weirdly it subsided on its own after about 5 years, and the last couple of years I haven’t even taken any meds for it anymore. At least for allergies you CAN get antihistamines, even over here 🙂

        • This year has been better than past years and I do have some allergy medicine for the bad days. Fortunately, I don’t swell up, I just sneeze a lot and get sinus pain and itchy eyes.

    • I think certain trees, some cats, and dust are my main triggers. There’s something growing in the backyard of the Rietveld-Schröder House that really made me sneeze the day I went to see it.

    • I was lucky that they didn’t really start causing trouble until the past couple of weeks. But as you said, it came on just as the weather finally improved! Unfair! I hope you’re feeling better, too!

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