Summer Evening Concerts in Utrecht

The summer Domtoren concerts (zomeravondconcerten) start up again tomorrow evening. Every Monday at 20:00, guest carilloneurs and other musicians, as well as Utrecht’s resident carilloneur, Malgosia Fiebig, will perform a variety of musical pieces.

The music can be heard throughout the old city center without much trouble, but for a particularly good listening spot, you can head to the cathedral’s Pandhof. Each week has a different musical theme, with tomorrow’s inaugural concert featuring operatic pieces by Verdi and Mozart.

You may remember that last year they performed Tubular Bells for the closing concert of the series. This year’s finale will be no less spectacular, as the musicians perform an adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Per the official city website, here is the schedule of performers:
1 july 20.00 Malgosia Fiebig (city carilloneur) and the opera klass of Studio 32
8 july 20.00 Margaret Pen (USA)
15 july 20.00 Jeremy Chesman (USA)
22 july 20.00 Paul Maasen: Jazz op de Dom with bass guitar and percussion
29 july 20.00 Twan Bearda (Belgium)
5 aug. 20.00 Eddy Mariën (Belgium)
12 aug. 20.00 Duo Anne Maria Reverté and Koen van Assche (Spain)
19 aug. 20.00 Malgosia Fiebig, Jeroen van Veen, Sandra Mol with an arrangement of ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd

6 thoughts on “Summer Evening Concerts in Utrecht

  1. I love reading your blogs. Although I’m also an American in Utrecht, it’s only for about 6 weeks each year. I always enjoy reading yours to keep up on “what’s going on around town” the rest of the year. Your perspective, writing and photos are all lovely. I’m also on WordPress at “OurDistantSojourns” which replaces (and incorporates) my earlier blog.


    • Thanks! I wasn’t sure if your stay here had been a one-time thing. I’m glad you get to come back! It’s always nice finding others here in Utrecht, even if only for a short time each year.

  2. I fondly remember some of those summer evenings spent in Europe in the 1980’s particularly on Dutch canals and in the Austrian countryside. What a contrast the heat in South FL!

    • It’s been an exceptionally cold summer so far, but today is actually really nice. Hopefully the slightly warmer temps and sunshine will stick around for longer than a day or two! But I don’t miss Florida temperatures, at least not without the Florida AC to make it bearable. 😉

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