5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. What a coincidence! I accompanied my husband to U. yesterday and decided to go to the Centraal Museum. As I was a bit early, I walked around a bit and loved these buildings. I even thought of tweeting you to ask what they were, but then I looked it up on Wiki 🙂
    I spent 3 hours in the museum and I’ll definitely go back; it’s great. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay longer bec. my “taxi” was leaving too early for Zwolle.

    • I was at the museum on Friday when I took my picture. The beautiful flowers and colors caught my eye as I was walking home. I actually didn’t know the name of the buildings until you mentioned it, so thank you! You saved me some extra searching! 🙂

      The current exhibits at the museum really are great. I went for the Vrede van Utrecht exhibit, but found myself even more fascinated by the exhibit featuring work by Utrecht artists. Glad you enjoyed the museum, too!

      • I actually read that there are many interesting listed buildings on this street, I think it’s the Lange Nieuwestraat. I definitely intend to go back and with a proper camera; this time I just had my mobile with me.
        As to the museum, I actually left the Vrede van Utrecht exhibition for the last and I then realised it was too late! So I have to go back to see it. Fortunately, I have a Museumkaart, so it’s free! 🙂

        • There are tons of great buildings in the whole neighborhood and of course along the nearby Nieuwegracht. It’s such a lovely area; definitely worth exploring.

          Did you see the stinky 1000 year old ship while you were in the museum?

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