Mussels and Time Travel

lucasbolwerk1992(photo via Het Utrechts Archief)

This isn’t quite the usual Time Travel post that I usually do. Despite appearances, this photo of Lucasbolwerk (left) and surrounding streets only dates back to 1992. Overall, the street and buildings haven’t changed that much in the past 20 years; it’s the sidewalk bits that have migrated a bit and that tree on the front left isn’t there now.

To be honest though, the street didn’t look much different 100 years before that, either.
lucasbolwerk1890(photo via Het Utrechts Archief)

That was then, this is now (well, the photos are from 2011 anyway):
Mosselfestival Site

Today, it’s still an active street, although there is very little auto traffic, since it’s now a dead-end street and there are only a few parking spaces. There’s plenty of bicycle traffic, though, and this is the street where the weekly Friday skate night begins in the summer. It is also the location of the annual Mosselfestival.

In fact, the Utrechts Mosselfestival takes place this Sunday, 25 August, from 14-22:00. There will be delicious mussels, of course, and most likely some oysters, as well. Plus, local brewery De Leckere will be on hand, along with some local wine merchants. The event is hosted by Horeca Lucas Bolwerk, which is made up of Café de Potdeksel, Café de Stad, Tilt, and Zocher. They’ll all be open, as well, so feel free to stop by and enjoy their offerings and terraces. In fact, bring the whole family; there’s even a bouncy castle (springkussen) for the kids. Most importantly, try the mussels. They’re cooked in a traditional Zeeland manner and are heel lekker!

2 thoughts on “Mussels and Time Travel

    • It’s a bit like a mini version of a small New York street festival, with just the food and great atmosphere. Of course, now that I’ve started thinking about NY street festivals, I’m craving one of those things that was two layers of some sort of corn cake with hot melted cheese in between. *drools*

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