High Point City Lake Park

High Point City Lake Park
Everyone has parks, so I can’t say that the High Point City Lake Park (technically located in Jamestown, NC) is particularly American in what it offers. However, it does have a lot of nostalgic memories for me. As well as visiting regularly for the annual A Day in the Park, high school friends and I went quite often, whether just to hang out or to occasionally try our hand at grilling and serving up a picnic.

It’s a fairly large park, with a number of amenities — numerous grills, picnic tables, shelters, a merry-go-round, miniature golf, and a 340-acre lake. There’s even a miniature train (large enough for adults to ride), with scenic views of the lake. I have fond memories of riding the train on past visits.
Day in the Park 2013
High Point City Lake Park
Much of Jamestown (NC) was settled and turned into a thriving town thanks to the Quakers who lived in the area. In fact, there is an old Quaker Meeting House in the park and also an old shop that belonged to Richard Mendenhall, one of the important figures in Jamestown’s history. I’ll be posting more about the Menhenhalls in a future post.

The lake itself is the result of a dam being built, which covered an old home once belonging to one of the old families of the area. One side is the picturesque lake and on the other is the drier section of the dam. The dam has a surprisingly elegant appearance, reminiscent of old aqueducts.
High Point City Lake Park
High Point City Lake Park
High Point City Lake Park
High Point City Lake Park

The park can be quite busy during the summer months, but its size and wooded nature lends a certain sense of tranquillity that makes it a favorite.

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  1. How funny it is to see you in a park about an hour away from my home (Wilkes County)– when I’m sitting in Amstelveen (at the in-laws), a thirty minute bus ride from yours!!! Went to Utrecht last week and immediately thought of you!

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