Cops on Bikes

Bike Cop
One of the differences that I can’t help but notice while being back in the US is the lack of bicycles. I’ve seen seven since being back. One of those was the police officer in the photo. Of the seven cyclists I’ve seen here, five have been wearing at least a helmet and most have been wearing some sort of special clothing.

Police in the US, at least in North Carolina, are always on mountain bikes or speed bikes. Certainly not the oma/opa fiets you typically see police riding in the Netherlands. This is a typical look for Dutch police on bikes. In other words, not much different than everyone else, except for the uniform. But even then, they wear a normal uniform and rarely wear a helmet. I don’t even have any photos of Dutch police on bikes — although I do have pictures of police on horseback — because they’re a pretty normal sight.

Dutch bike police also don’t seem to have the same kind of “attitude” that American bike cops have, although I’d say Dutch police in general don’t have the same kind of attitude that American cops often have. Take that however you choose. 😉 On the other hand, this photo was taken on an actual mountain, so fair play to the bicycle cop who can handle the climbs!

(Apologies for the poor quality of the photo. It was done with an old camera phone.)

8 thoughts on “Cops on Bikes

  1. Only 7 bikes so far? That’s insane, I can count more just looking out of my living room window!That cop does look more fit and sporty than our “fiets coppers” though 🙂

  2. Wow. Isn’t it funny when you start to realize your “normal” isn’t actually normal? Reverse culture shock, I guess. Sometimes I would see bike cops in Chicago, but not all that often – only downtown, and always with all the safety gear on.

    • I haven’t seen bicycle cops much in the US, either, and like you, mainly in downtown areas. But they do tend to look like this, or with even more safety gear. Definitely a shift in perspective now! 🙂

  3. My experience in Leiden:
    Most police patrols are by car.
    You will frequently see cops patroling on bikes. Those cops use mountain bikes and wear a helmet. Google: Politie mountainbike.
    I read somewhere that the first dutch “mountain bike” cops were trained in the USA.

    When I see dutch cops on a dutch style bike I assume they are just going from A to B, not patrolling.

    • Interesting to hear the difference even within the Netherlands. We certainly have plenty (majority) of police patrolling by car, but we do have quite a few on bicycle and using a variety of bicycles (mountainbike and regular). They’re certainly not all simply on their own way around town. Perhaps because the Utrecht binnenstad is relatively small, the type of bicycle isn’t as important.

      • When I see police on regular city bikes I always assume they are patrolling. There’s always 2 of them as well, I’ve never seen one on his/her own riding around. But they’re certainly not just going home or whatever, in full gear, with a side arm, on their bikes. They’re keeping an eye on you 🙂

  4. Btw, did you know almost all police/army/drugs/bomb sniffing dogs are from The Netherlands? Recently saw a documentary about it. There’s only a few training/breeding centres here, but that’s where almost all of those highly trained dogs used in Europe and the US (and possibly other countries) come from. Apparently “we” specialized in that area. Never knew myself.

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