A Trip to the Farmers Market

Farmers Market
My dad and I made a visit to the farmers market this morning to get a few things, including some okra! I was tempted by the apple butter, but worry that it won’t fit in my suitcase. As for the pimento cheese, I’m not sure how well that would travel. Oh well, at least I can get molasses in Utrecht.
Farmers Market
The market is actually a large area with multiple open-sided “barns” like the one pictured above. Some sell just food, while others focus more on flowers and fruits. There are also areas for buying meat and such. Most items sold are local (and certified) although there are some areas where the items don’t have to be completely local.
Farmers Market
Halloween is fast approaching, so there are plenty of pumpkins from which to choose. There are small ones for autumn decorating, medium ones for cooking, and large ones for all of your Halloween jack-o-lanterns and other decorations.
Farmers MarketFarmers Market

Some areas were heavy on the flowers and reminded me a bit of the bloemenmarkt at Janskerkhof. I think the prices were relatively similar, although the selection wasn’t as extensive. Most flowers were for planting, rather than the loose flower stalk bunches (like the tulips, gerbera daisies, roses, etc.) that are such a common site throughout Utrecht.
Farmers Market
There was a nice mix of fresh fruit and vegetables, though, with varieties of apples, pears, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, corn, squash, and much more.
Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market

Dogs weren’t allowed inside the market area, but a few hovered on the fringes. (No idea what happened to my camera on this shot.)
Farmers Market
There’s plenty to see at the markets, whether it’s the fresh produce, amusing signs that bring to mind Josephine Baker, or just the people watching. Best of all, there’s plenty of tasty stuff to take home at the end of it all.
Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market
Farmers Market

ETA: Right after I posted this, I realized my dad had used the half-peck of apples we bought to make one of his delicious apple pies. Fresh from the oven!
Dad's apple pie


2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Farmers Market

  1. Hey ya’ll, I’m really enjoying your NC travelogue. You’re having great weather AND it looks like you’re going to be there for the first-time-in-17-years govt. shutdown – not quite as fun as the cicadas LOL

    I say try to bring back some of that pimento cheese. Patatje pimento = a taste sensation waiting to happen ;-D

    • A whole new take on patatjes met!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the travelogue; it will definitely continue a bit as I leave tomorrow and haven’t blogged about everything I wanted to. Fortunately, the government shutdown hasn’t effected flights (yet), so hopefully I’m getting out just in time. As much as it’s nice to be back here, I’m looking forward to going back home. I miss my boyfriend and cats and Utrecht!

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