Fairytale on Voorstraat

The sound of horse hooves rang out along the street and heads turned to catch a glimpse. Like me, most of us probably expected to see a pair of police horses patrolling the street. Although not a daily sight, they aren’t completely unheard of, either, and can be seen in various spots throughout the binnenstad (old city center).

Suddenly, as we rounded the bend in the street and the cars passed, we realized that today’s equine amblers were a little bit different. Four white horses suddenly appeared, drawing behind them a storybook carriage.
Fairytale on Voorstraat
Fairytale on Voorstraat
With a line of autos and bicycles forming behind them and signs for sushi, Saigon, shoarma, and tattoos, surrounding them, it really did seem as if a fairytale carriage had been plucked from its story and dropped into the middle of modern Utrecht.

The horses moved at speed, unbothered by shifting scenery. The carriage itself was empty. Perhaps this is just the beginning of the fairytale, with the villain magicking away the carriage sent to reunite the story’s amorous pair. Or perhaps the drivers and footman are our heroes in disguise, magicking themselves away to avoid some rogue character.
Fairytale on Voorstraat
Fairytale on Voorstraat
The end of the story remains a mystery as the horses and carriage soon disappeared from sight. Was a cruel deed victorious or was there a happily ever after? Make of it what you will.

7 thoughts on “Fairytale on Voorstraat

  1. Wonderful sight, a bit alien though to see such a posh, old-fashioned thing in the middle of the modern street! I saw a similar, smaller carriage with 2 black horses parked next to de Dom on Saturday, maybe they were for some event or wedding? Took some pictues of the black horses, just because they were there looking gorgeous.

    • I figured they were heading to the Dom for a wedding. Maybe the small one is for the couple and the larger for their parents? Either way, a nice surprise to see!

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