When the (Canal) Walls Come Tumbling Down

Bemuurde Weerd
As I mentioned last week, one of the sections of the historic Bemuurde Weerd canal wall collapsed when the water saturation got to be a bit too much. Since then, they’ve been working to shore up the remaining wall and the exposed area, and prevent any additional damage to the street, bridge, and buildings in the area.
Bemuurde Weerd
I went today to see the damage for myself. All the bits that are dirt, used to have a brick covering, like the section on the right. I’m guessing that the combination of the roots and the weight of the tree that stood in that area became too much for the water-saturated dirt and the tree collapsed, taking a good chunk of the old wall with it.
Bemuurde Weerd
Additional trees that line the embankment have been trimmed back today, though fortunately, they seemed to be keeping the trees. I think. I hope!

Boats — including the city tour boats — were able to pass the area, going under the bridge, which is still standing. I had photos of various boats passing, but my camera ate those photos and many others. *weeps* The lock, though, remains closed.
Bemuurde Weerd
In fact, they were planning on opening the waterway back up to boats coming through the lock at 1 p.m. today, but a small gas leak (unrelated to the repairs, as it turns out), has delayed the opening until around 6 p.m. tonight, according to the latest updates from the city.

Sadly, though, Sinterklaas will have to find a new arrival spot. The area that collapsed is roughly where his boat from Spain usually docks to the roaring cheers of lots of children (and a few adults).

And so with that, the work goes on …
Bemuurde Weerd
Bemuurde Weerd
Bemuurde Weerd
Bemuurde Weerd

4 thoughts on “When the (Canal) Walls Come Tumbling Down

  1. I have never actually seen Sinterklaas arrive on his boat, and now my chances are slim this year. Anyway, it looks like they’re trying to save the remaining trees, thankfully (I’m guessing they wouldnt be trimming them to reduce the weight if they were going to be cut anyway?). And my inner child will just have to wait a bit longer to finally see the “real” Sint 🙂

  2. It’s funny to think that damage happened before the big storm. It could have been much worse if the rain soaking through had not brought it down but only weakened it and the storm later brought it down with even more force.

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