Perfect Day on a Not So Perfect Day

Perfect DayAs I’ve surely said countless times before, one of the things I love so much about Utrecht is that it’s a perfect blend of historic and modern. Buildings that are hundreds of years old are still used as homes, businesses, and more, rather than being turned solely into museum pieces. Even the Domtoren manages to keep up with the times through its music choices. Although many pieces played every 15 minutes are classical, you’re just as likely to hear more modern songs, from Toto to Lady Gaga.

The various bells throughout town become background noise on a daily basis, but every once in a while, especially during some of the midday Domtoren concerts, a certain song will jump out at you. As I was working today, I found myself humming Lou Reed’s song Perfect Day. At first I didn’t think much of it, since that and other songs of his have been in my head this week after the sad news of his passing. But then I realized that the song was in my head because I was hearing it played on the Domtoren carillon.

Sadly, today isn’t as perfect a day as last Thursday when I managed to salvage these photos from my camera. That was a glorious day, crisp and bright, without a cloud in the deep blue sky. Unfortunately, today is cold, grey, damp, and miserable, but hearing Perfect Day played on the Domtoren carillon brought a bit of sunshine into my day.
Perfect Day

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