Monsters and Alternate Views

sun rabbitI’m going to be honest with you, this is a tired blogger’s post. It’s been a long week of writing, capped off with a lot of sneezing and stuffy nose issues the past two days. As a result, you’re getting a funky photo of the Thinker on the Rock sculpture over at Neude and a link to another article I wrote for the Arts Holland website.

The Thinker photo was taken from behind, obviously, for the silhouette effect. It adds a certain dramatic element to it, I think. That sort of ties in to my article for Arts Holland about the current ARRRGH! Monsters in Fashion exhibit at Centraal Museum. Between now and 19 January, if you’re looking for things to do in Utrecht, I recommend a visit to the exhibit.

I’m not exactly a fashionista, but these avant garde pieces in the exhibit really were interesting to see. Even more interesting is the creepy vibe that goes along with the exhibit, thanks to how it’s displayed. Part of me wanted to stay and look at all the details; another part of me wanted to run out of there as fast as possible! But I mean it in a good way. It’s a brilliantly creative display, and how often can you say you’ve had the hairs on the back of your neck raised visiting a fashion exhibit in an art museum.

Eerie avant garde

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