A Trip to the Handmade Market

Zelfgemaakte Markt
The winter market season is in full swing, it seems, with the Zelfgemaakte Markt (Handmade Market) today, the Christmas edition of the Streekmarkt tomorrow, and the Christmas market that runs from 19-22 December around the Ganzenmarkt/Stadhuis area next week. Lots of great stuff to be found for last-minute Christmas gifts (or for yourself).

The Zelfgemaakte Markt is held a few times each year, but I keep missing it, so I was determined to finally go today. I’m so glad I did! So many pretty/funny/cute/useful/gorgeous things for sale! I saw some decorative plates and bowls that I almost bought, but then I came across the Studio Ellessi stall and I knew that was where I’d be spending the small bit of cash I had with me.
Studio Ellessi
She does these wonderful line drawings of various Utrecht locations and I wish I’d had more money with me, because I was having a hard time making up my mind which print to get! In the end, I went with a view of the Domtoren along the Oudegracht/Vismarkt, since it’s a favourite view and also goes well with one of the vintage prints I’ve purchased recently. Along with the Paushuize print, I’ve now got a nice little collection of Utrecht prints to frame and hang somewhere.
Utrecht Kunst
At some point, I’ll probably be ordering her print of Orloff at the Donkere Gaard, another favorite of mine. In fact, we walked past there today and I couldn’t help but stop to admire their Santa decoration.
Donkere Gaard KerstmisSantaSo the next time the Zelfgemaakte Markt is in town, definitely make a point of stopping by. There’s a fantastic mix of stuff and much of it is really affordable, on top of being well made. I was particularly impressed by the variety of items on offer, too, as sometimes it seems like the bulk of stuff is for children. There was plenty on hand for adults — of all maturity levels. There’s also food and drink for sale, including gevulde speculaas and cranberry gluhwein, and a few spots to sit and enjoy them there in the market.
Zelfgemaakte Markt
Zelfgemaakte Markt
Zelfgemaakte Markt

10 thoughts on “A Trip to the Handmade Market

  1. I’ve really missed the handmade markets I used to visit in Chicago – I’m so glad you posted this because I was starting to think they were virtually nonexistant! I’ll definitely have to look out for the next one.

  2. Another ZM first-timer here; I thought it was brilliant. Your pictures capture the laidback festive vibe & your new print is beautiful. You said it: great variety, and the prices…I went in secretly hoping I’d be able to find one thing that fit my gift-shopping budget, and left w/ my entire list taken care of! The crafters were friendly & really creative with packaging/wrapping their wares, too.

    Did you happen to see the LimoLab ladies w/ their beakers? The hot pear cider with cinnamon and cayenne was so good!

    • The LimoLab was the first stall we saw, but I forgot to go back. They had all sorts of delicious sounding combinations. That pear cider one, in particular! It really was a friendly vibe and there was such a great selection. I was truly impressed by it. Glad you got to take care of your whole list and support some small businesses in the process!

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