Blue Skies and Buildings in Utrecht

Quest'onda che viene e va
The weather has been surprisingly mild for the past week or so. Occasional days of overcast skies and hints of rain, but also days of bright, clear, blue skies. This weekend has had a number of hours of the sunshine and blue skies, so I thought I’d share a few of the snaps I couldn’t resist taking. After all, when you get skies this blue in winter, you don’t ignore them!
StadsschouwburgPerspectiveOud Nieuw

6 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Buildings in Utrecht

  1. Nice photos! I love the bright Winter days we’ve had the past week. Happy New Years btw for you and G.! Hope the cats stay calm with all the fireworks, mine has already tucked herself away safely under the bed 🙂

    • The sunny days were a nice end to the year (even if today’s been a bit dull). I hope Poppy isn’t too traumatised by the fireworks tonight. Are you getting more than in your old place? Fortunately, Luna is as unconcerned as always and Lola is only mildly agitated. She’s still able to nap in comfort. 😉 Have a wonderful night and hopefully we can catch up soon!

      • There’s definitely more fireworks going on here already than in my old neighbourhood! Glad to hear your cats are relatively unaffected by it though, it’s never a fun time for pets. Mine will just stick it out under the bed, she’ll be ok there as the bedroom is not facing the street.

        Happy 2014 and see you soon!

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