Shades of Winter

It’s been a strange winter so far. While friends and family in North America are dealing with polar vortexes, our winter in the Netherlands has been downright “meh”. Relatively warm, often grey, occasionally bright and sunny … it hasn’t really felt like winter. The meh weather has lead to my own meh attitude that has left me feeling uninspired and hermit-like.

Today is one of those grey days that are ever so slightly misty, but not dramatically so. Still, I was feeling restless and needed to clear the cobwebs from my head before getting back to work writing, so G and I went together to take care of some recycling and grocery shopping, taking the long way around.

As we walked along behind the stadsschouwburg (city theater), I decided to get a shot of the distinctive rooftop of one of the apartment buildings nearby. I knew I had a similar shot taken a few years ago, also in January, but on a drastically different kind of day. Today, the rooftop just looked grey and a bit grubby as it seemed to blend with the sky. In 2010, when I took the previous shot, it was almost blindingly white, shining brightly against a pure blue sky. I think I’ll focus on the old photo and try to get some blue sky cheer to cancel out the winter doldrums.

Winter Grey
Patterns - Day 3/365

8 thoughts on “Shades of Winter

  1. I like both photos, and the contrast between them. Coincidentally, I recently walked past that same roof and thought about your first picture and perhaps goijg back to take some of my own as the roof is so distinctive. You’re right about Winter though, I like that it’s not freezing cold, but at the same time this is all a but, well, meh, like you said. You never know here, perhaps Winter surprises us with a visit disguised as Spring. I just hope it (he? she?) won’t find a polar vortex costume!

    • You should definitely take some photos of the building. At times, it almost reminds me of Miami art deco buildings, which is a bit odd, especially considering the building is next to the drastically different Beyerskamers (which I also love).

      Like you said, it’s good that it’s not freezing cold, but maybe one or two days of snow might be nice, just for a change. Then a cheerful spring is more than welcome to come along!

  2. I sure understand the “meh” attitude. I love winter, but this one is the dullest and most depressing in my seven years in Bergen. The only saving grace has been a daughter’s visit, and looking at my summer sunshine photos. Your contrasting photos are perfect – they give me the same feeling mine do when I need them. Someday we’ll be able to sing, “Here comes the sun” again. 🙂

    • We’ve been getting bouts of intense sunshine — even had some today for a while — which is making things a little more bearable. Yesterday’s rain wasn’t so nice, though. It’s gotten a bit colder recently, too, which actually helps, so that it feels a bit more like winter. Most of the winter has been mild but boring, as if it couldn’t really commit. Of course, it’s only the beginning of February. We could yet end up with some snow.

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