Graffiti Tunnel in Utrecht … or Is It Berlin or New York

Graffititunnel WestpleinYesterday, in one of the distance photos of the mosque, you might have noticed a wall of graffiti in the foreground. That wall is actually part of a tunnel — a bike tunnel to be more specific — in the Westplein area. As I mentioned, that whole area is undergoing a lot of transformation and the tunnel is meant to be closed off as work on the Van Sijpesteijnkade moves forward.Graffititunnel WestpleinHowever, it seems that the GroenLinks political party (literally GreenLeft, to give you an idea) is arguing that the tunnel should remain in some form, specifically because of its graffiti. As councilman Pepijn Zwanenberg explained, “This tunnel is known for the graffiti made by Utrecht artists, including KBTR.It is a unique place in the city, where you feel like you are in Berlin or New York.”Graffititunnel WestpleinZwanenberg sees the tunnel as part of the cultural heritage of the neighborhood and doesn’t want it to be lost. Rather than have the tunnel closed off, he suggests turning it into a space for a temporary or permanent gallery, music or exhibition space. To find the best way of transforming the tunnel, GroenLinks is recommending the creation of a design contest to get people directly involved.Graffititunnel WestpleinGraffititunnel Westplein
Source: Graffititunnel Westplein behouden

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