Design Across Time in Utrecht’s Stadhuis

Stadhuis InteriorWhile I was in the Stadhuis last week to see the Donker Utrecht exhibit, I ended up exploring a bit more of the building than I’d seen in the past. Along one of the back hallways I saw some interior windows open and looked down to see a great view of this central meeting room. Although the current Stadhuis is different from the one that stood on the site during the signing of the Treaty of Utrecht, it’s still the same location. In fact, the painting on the right may well be a depiction of the Treaty of Utrecht parties, similar to The Agreement photo I posted about last time. (I forgot to take a look when I went back downstairs, so I can’t say for sure.)Stadhuis InteriorAnyway, the room, including it’s ceiling, had some nice architectural elements that caught my eye. Equally eye-catching were a series of Art Deco stained glass windows (glas in lood) donated in the 1930s by various groups and individuals, including a former mayor. I particularly liked the look of his, with it’s Metropolis-style design, including the Domtoren and the red-and-white city shield. (The pictures of each window are in two pieces as the hallway was too narrow to get the whole window in one shot.)
Stadhuis InteriorStadhuis Interior
The student-donated window seems to favor some of the Mondriaan/De Stijl elements of design.
Stadhuis InteriorStadhuis Interior

5 thoughts on “Design Across Time in Utrecht’s Stadhuis

  1. Beautiful windows, love that style. You don’t see such huge Art Deco style “glas-in-lood” windows very often.

      • Many homes in my new neighbourhood (built in the 1920’s/30’s) have the classic small panels above or besides the front door. But those are of a really basic design and nothing like these huge windows. I’d like to have some of those smaller ones too, though.

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