Sputnik in Spring

SpoetnikkijkerIt’s been a spectacular weekend weatherwise. Lots of sunshine, warm temps, and general loveliness. Today, we went for a walk around town with plans to stop over at Ledig Erf for drinks in the sun. Of course, I think everyone else had that idea, because free tables outdoors were very hard to come by. We eventually ended up over at the Domplein. Still a pretty good view!

Our walk took us past the Spoetnikkijker, my beloved statue, and I couldn’t resist another photo of him, this time with a field of flowers spread out beneath him. He may not have been taking in the flowers, but he at least had a beautifully clear blue sky to enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Sputnik in Spring

    • Hopefully the nice weather will spread it’s way over to the US. Friends and family in NC spent the weekend without power due to the latest winter weather.

  1. I can’t believe how gorgeous it’s been in NL. That field of flowers is beautiful – haven’t seen anything quite of that size yet but I’m still hoping! (Also panicking that I put off ‘spring shopping’ last year because I didn’t believe it would ever come, so now I’ve got exactly one outfit not meant for winter weather!!)

    • The flowers are everywhere! If there’s some grass, there are flowers. This is a small park area that I love down at the southern tip of the city center. I need to do some warmer weather shopping, too, and it looks like I’ll have to do it much sooner than expected! So much for all those sweaters I bought! πŸ™‚ (Also, welcome back!)

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