The Return of Caturday

Oudegracht Bloemen KatCats and the internet are a match made in heaven, so when in doubt, blog about cats. Utrecht is full of beautiful cats, in front windows and out on the streets, so here are a few I’ve come across recently.

This first cat was hanging out by the flower vendors on one of the bridges across the Oudegracht. He was sniffing the bikes and tarps and rubbing against both, claiming them all. I think of this next photo as his “proud warrior” stance.Oudegracht Bloemen Kat
On my birthday, as we walked down Voetiusstraat, we saw one of our old cat friends.Voetiusstraat KatHe was obviously busy and had places to go, but you can always count on him to come and say a brief hello, before heading off once again. I think he may have been going to try his luck at Carla’s for some tasty nibbles.Voetiusstraat KatSpeaking of tasty nibbles, Luna is making it clear that she would like some of her own now, thank you very much. When she gives me that look, I know it’s time to listen. Enough with posting about other cats, time to focus on my own!Waiting, Not So Patiently


8 thoughts on “The Return of Caturday

  1. Hoera voor stadkatten!
    Have you seen the book ‘Kat in de stad’?

    Apparently someone has also put together a google map of the shops in Utrecht with cats:,5.121174&spn=0.033753,0.073814&dg=feature

    I’m looking forward to checking them out when I visit. By the way, I should have mentioned in my other reply that I’ve replied on a couple of your blog posts before, usually under my real name (Laurie). But I’m mainly a lurker.

    • I actually know the guy who has done the (now multiple) Kat in de Stad books! They’re fantastic, and one of my neighbor cats in there. 🙂

      Sorry, I haven’t gotten around to properly answering your other comment yet, but I do remember you. 🙂 There are lots of great shop cats in town. Lots to admire! Thanks for the map. I didn’t know about that!

    • He’s such a friendly cat! When I was visiting the Domplein regularly to photograph the gargoyles, we became good friends. I look for him every time I’m in the area and am disappointed if I miss him.

  2. Love this! Elicited a few squees as I scrolled. Sadly cats in the Hague are much harder to come by – fortunately I have my own to unleash all of my catlady love onto 😀

    • There are lots of cats in restaurants, shops, and more here in town. I love catching them sunning in the front windows or wandering the streets taking in the sights. But my favorites are my own two. 😉

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