The Ubiquitous Bicycle

Flowers and FietsInvader Stu left a comment for me today on how difficult it must be to take a photo in the Netherlands without at least one bicycle getting into shot. It’s a conversation I’ve had with others, as well. Certainly when it comes to city photos, it is nearly impossible to get a street-level shot without at least one (or many more) bicycles in view.

Fortunately, bicycles add a certain charm to most photos and settings. Sometimes they even complement a scene, such as the red fietstas (bicycle bag) in this photo that pairs well with the red of the flowers. I find it best to embrace the bicycle and try to make it a part of the photo, rather than awkwardly trying to block it from the shot. Give in! Embrace our bicycle overlords!

6 thoughts on “The Ubiquitous Bicycle

  1. I’m currently reading, “In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist” by Pete Jordan. I’m not a cyclist, but I’m a Amsterdammer at heart and the book is wonderfully written. He tells a story about how one day in Amsterdam, he was cycling to work and stopped near the Rijksmuseum for 20 minutes just to count the bicycles that passed. Total=927. In 20 minutes! And that was in 2002! I can’t imagine a Dutch city without seeing bicycles everywhere and hearing the bells ringing.

  2. I love the bicycles everywhere, as long as I’m not in their way :p I agree that they make the scene more charming. I can’t even imagine a shot of a Dutch city without at least one bike or cyclist.

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