The Breathtaking Beauty of Utrecht

NieuwegrachtToday is Tweede Paasdag (Second Easter Day), a holiday for lots of people in the Netherlands. As a result, it meant that the city was fairly quiet this morning, without many people out and about. Well, except for quite a few groups of Italian tourists. I probably looked like a tourist, as well, taking photo after photo, but the city was like a supermodel who looks amazing from every angle.

These quiet morning walks are my favorite, and since we have a few of these kinds of holidays this month and next, it’s a great opportunity to see Utrecht blossoming everywhere you look. I’ll probably be posting lots of random photos in the coming weeks, just because everywhere you look, there are flowers blooming, trees turning green, and beautiful signs of spring.

When we got to the Nieuwegracht today, it really did take my breath away. The soft light, the blossoming trees, the reflection of the trees in the canal … it’s amazing that you can find what looks like a green oasis right in the city center. As you look south along the canal, it looks like a fairytale setting. Utrecht really is ridiculously gorgeous.NieuwegrachtNieuwegrachtNieuwegracht

11 thoughts on “The Breathtaking Beauty of Utrecht

    • I was worried that the rains would come before we’d even finished our walk. It was a good incentive to get out early and I was well rewarded! Hopefully the wind and rain won’t be too bad and all the flowers will survive.

  1. How stunningly beautiful! I am so jealous…wish I had a place like this to walk! I have been to Europe several times but have never made it to Nederland; and I am half Dutch…go figure!! Your blog is so enjoyable. To read and see the beautiful pictures makes me long to travel there. Some day we will make it!

    • The Netherlands — and obviously Utrecht — are certainly worth a visit some day. Lots of great scenery and a really “gezellig” atmosphere. Thanks for the kind comments about my blog. Your photos of Savannah are always a joy and bring back fond memories of trips to the city.

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