Utrecht Skate Party

Skate PartySkate season is upon us again — although today’s weather has turned oddly chilly. But a nip in the air isn’t enough to stop the dedicated skaters who hit the streets of Utrecht every Friday from May through September.

The first party of the season kicks off tonight at Lucas Bolwerk at 20:00 and then follows a variety of routes through and around the city before returning back to Lucas Bolwerk at 22:00. There is music to keep you going and the route is cleared to keep the skaters safe from traffic. There are skilled volunteers throughout the pack to keep things flowing smoothly, as well. If you’re looking for sporty things to do in Utrecht, this is a great weekly event.

Participation is free, so dig out your skates, whether inline or old school, and glide on out for a fun evening. Go with friends or make new ones along the way and finish off at any of the bars and cafés at the start/finish point. Want to learn more? Visit the USP website.Skate Night

6 thoughts on “Utrecht Skate Party

    • It’s been going on for years. Certainly as long as we’ve been here. As soon as the weather gets a bit better and the light lasts until around 10 in the evening, they’re out there. Hundreds and hundreds of them! It’s amazing!

    • I’m the same. I never felt comfortable skating and when inevitably I’d have to go to a skating rink with friends/school, I was always the one slowly going around, holding on to the wall around the rink. I’d look on in wonder at those who could weave and turn and glide around!

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