18 Things to See, Do, Taste, and Experience in Utrecht

klmmapI’m always singing the praises of Utrecht and encouraging people to visit this beautiful, historic, and vibrant city, so it only seems right that I make a handy map of some of the places and things visitors should see. So here’s a map of 18 places in Utrecht that you should see, including museums, sculptures, parks, restaurants (which, of course, includes Vino Veritas), and historic points of interest. It is, by no means, a complete listing and hopefully I’ll be able to add on to it as the spirit moves me. Did I leave out one of your favorite must-see spots in Utrecht? Tell me what you think is a must-see.

Thanks to KLM for doing the technical creation of this map for me, while letting me use my own words and photos. They were kind enough to let me focus on Utrecht, instead of Amsterdam, after I pointed out how quick and easy it is to get to Utrecht from Amsterdam. Fly into Schipol Airport with KLM and hop on one of the many trains to Utrecht. You’ll be here in just half an hour!

14 thoughts on “18 Things to See, Do, Taste, and Experience in Utrecht

    • It’s worth a visit, even if just seen from the outside. For the inside tour, you sign up through the Centraal Museum. It’s over by the Wilhelmina park, which is a nice stop along the way.

    • It’s easy to get stuck into a pattern of visiting the same places for work, friends, family, and not really venturing out further. But Utrecht is home to the Dick Bruna house, a favorite with kids, so I’m sure your little girl will soon enjoy a visit.

  1. Hi, nice list of sites to visit. In 2008 i moved to this city and i love it. So as a buurman i’m looking forward to meet you and have a taste of the Italian products. Free tip; maybe you can add the link to the central museum on your recommandation to the RS house. So people know were guided tour must be booked (incluiding where they can get a free rental bike to visit the house)

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