Rusticated Portal on the Nieuwegracht

PortalThis is a Wordless Wednesday, other than I’m curious if anyone knows something about this gate on the Nieuwegracht. Was it part of the many church immunities in the past or royalty related (crown and lions depicted)?

10 thoughts on “Rusticated Portal on the Nieuwegracht

  1. looks like a portal to another world! Love it šŸ˜€ I love the way the Dutch keep bits and pieces of old buildings and don’t bother to make them fit in with newer styles, it gives so much charm to the cities.

    • I like the mishmash of styles and time periods that pop up, too. Some are more successful than others, but it stops the cities from turning into stagnant museums.

      • I’m a librarian, it’s what I do! You’re welcome! I love all the random gates you find scattered in Dutch cities. Doorways to the past, really, and I always have romantic notions of walking through them and back in time.

        • Librarians are the best! (Not just because I’m friends with many.) These old gates really do make you feel like stepping through them will let you step back in time. I love how they fire up the imagination.

  2. Have just been browsing through your blog for the first time and saw this. I occasionally give city tours and the great thing about this portal (which the wiki-page doesn’t mention) is that after being part of the immunity of the Paulusabdij, the Paulusabdij became the location for the city courthouse (hence the name De Rechtbank for the restaurant/hotel). So this Hofpoort became the backdoor to the courthouse and you know what that means: this was the official entrance through which criminals were brought in from prison. This is why this gate also has a nickname: Poort der Zuchten. Or: ‘Portal of Sighs’.
    Another, less cool, nickname is eierenpoort, or ‘eggs portal’, which referrs to the decoration in the stone.

    • Do you lead the free tours on Saturdays? I really enjoyed it when I went recently and want to go more with different guides to learn different things. šŸ™‚ Thanks so much for this information! Knowing these kinds of details makes any walk through the city more interesting.

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