Meta Cameras

het fotoatelier
While digging through my photo archives, looking for a particular picture (that I still haven’t found), I came across this photo and realized that I don’t think I ever blogged about this shop. Now seems as good a time as any! As you may be able to guess from all the cameras, it’s a camera shop, with all sorts of paraphernalia for both digital and analogue cameras.

I first came across HetFotoAtelier while riding along Lange Nieuwstraat. I’d been up and down the street plenty of times before, but had somehow missed the unusual sign out front. On this particular quiet Sunday, I finally noticed the jutting sign made up of old cameras. I grew up around cameras, thanks to having a father who worked as a professional photographer, so I’ve retained a fondness for some of the older models of all quality levels. And I’m old enough to remember those flash cubes!

The shop was closed that day and I’ve yet to go inside, but from what I’ve heard, it’s an interesting shop, definitely worth a visit if you’re interested in cameras and photography. They seem to offer much more than just supplies. If nothing else, go check out the camera sign out front and see if you remember any of the models on display.
het fotoatelier

6 thoughts on “Meta Cameras

    • Lots and lots to explore and often in random spots. There’s a nice home decor shop called Nisha on Wittevrouwenstraat that might be useful for decorating your new place — or just for finding pretty things.

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