A Square That Should Not Be

My computer is on the fritz so while I wait for my new one to be delivered, I’m taking the easy way out and reblogging one of my old posts. Today is the anniversary of the massive storm in 1674 that caused the nave of the cathedral to collapse. This old posts tells a bit of that story.

A Flamingo in Utrecht

The other week, as part of the city’s anniversary celebrations, the Domtoren was playing a variety of songs, including popular local songs. One of my favourites, and the one that you can hear in this video I filmed, is called Utereg Me Stadje, which is a local dialect way of saying Utrecht, My City. It was written and performed in the 1970s by Herman Berkien, an Utrecht folk and cabaret singer. If you want to hear his version, there are a number of options on YouTube, including this one.

As for the video itself, it was filmed in the Domplein, and I’m standing where the nave of the cathedral used to be. You see, Utrecht has a grand, Gothic cathedral … it’s just missing half of it. The nave was destroyed in a heavy storm in 1674. There wasn’t the money to rebuild it, nor it seems, was…

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