Almost Wordless Wednesday: Religious Imagery

Religious Imagery
A moment captured in the Pandhof next to the cathedral. My continuing photographic goal is to get a photo of a wittevrouw (literally “white woman”, but referring to the cloister of nuns who wore a white habit) on Wittevrouwenstraat/brug. Someday!

6 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Religious Imagery

    • Thanks! It’s one of my favorite spots in the city. Even with tourists wandering through, it’s always peaceful and beautiful, especially when the last of the summer blooms are holding out!

    • The neighborhood gets its name from the cloister of nuns located in the area who followed the teachings of a St. Norbert. The cloister isn’t there, but there are a few “white nuns” that I see around town from time to time. But still not on Wittevrouwenstraat!

    • There’s been a church on that site since around 600 (and before that there was a Roman fortress dating back to around 94 AD), but this particular incarnation was started around 1254, though work carried on for another few centuries.

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