Happy Halloween

Kasteel de Haar
Halloween’s not really a thing here, unfortunately. I always loved it in the US and had a nice selection of decorations. Sadly, they were left behind and only our two black cats made the big move. They’re the best decorations year round, anyway.

Still, I can’t resist a quick post to wish everyone a fun Hallow’s Eve. I was going to post a few gargoyles, but then I remembered the Kasteel de Haar here in the Utrecht province. It’s a real castle! No vampires or ghosts, but there is a spooky doll in a window.
Clouds Taste Metallic
Kasteel de Haar
The Castle


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I’m not crazy about Halloween but I did find myself longing for all of those decorations and the general excitement you really feel in North America. Kasteel de Haar looks interesting, I’ll have to get myself out there sometime!

    • At least I got to wake up to a FB feed of my friends kids dressed up for Halloween. That was kind of fun.

      Kasteel de Haar is definitely worth a visit. Just wandering the grounds is a really nice day out and it’s not far from the binnenstad.

  2. It’s not a big day here in Norway either. But unlike you, I never really liked Halloween so I don’t notice the absence that much. But the costumes in my Facebook feed were fun to see! 🙂

    Your two black cats, though? THAT I do like, and it’s good you could bring them with you from the States. I brought my labrador with me too, but my kitties were my adult daughters’ companions, so they stayed in the U.S. I miss a cat in my everyday life!

      • Thanks! It’s a fun place to photograph.

        We brought our dog, as well as the two cats. Unfortunately, he passed away about two years ago, but he was a wonderful companion in my explorations of my new city/country. I miss having a dog in my everyday life! Both dogs and cats are such wonderful companions in their own ways.

  3. this castle is wonderful! gollie…looks like a vlad the impaler castle! awesome. I love Halloween…but here it is picking up in popularity. We went to a haunted castle ourselves…kids loved it! Lovely pics…

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