Winter Festivities in Utrecht

Winter WonderWe didn’t really get any snow last year and the way these last few months have been surprisingly warm, I’m not sure we’ll get any snow this year, either. But even without snow, there are plenty of winter traditions and events in Utrecht that give the city its own charm. And really, with all those brick streets and sidewalks, not having to navigate them when they’re covered in snow and ice is a good thing!

I recently wrote a travel feature about some of the upcoming winter events in Utrecht for a Canadian-based publication called DUTCH: The Magazine. You can pick it up at select news stands in North America, I believe, but this month, you can also read my article online. So if you’re like my three friends coming in tomorrow from the US, Canada, and Germany, and want to get some ideas of things to see and do in Utrecht this winter season, you’ll find a few tips and suggestions, along with a brief bit of history of this amazing city.

5 thoughts on “Winter Festivities in Utrecht

  1. I loved that article – you write so well! I feel like I was just transported to Utrecht for a moment.
    I had no idea about the Twijnstraat Christmas market … I’ll be sure to head out there on one of those three days. Thank you for the tip!

    • Thank you! Definitely check out the Twijnstraat market and try plenty of gluhwein. De Leckere, a local brewer, usually has a cauldron of the stuff warming over a fire, but there’s another family that sells some that I like even better. It’s worth stopping by the VVV at the Domplein, too, as they have a whole “Winter in Utrecht” booklet (which is also available online, actually).

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