Utrecht Cathedral, Inside and Out

ArchesIt’s been a fun and busy week, with friends visiting, giving me a chance to explore the city anew, as well as visit a few new places here and in other cities. Lots to post about, lots of photos to share, but right now, not a lot of time. So I’ll start with a simple one.

My friends were staying at an airbnb over by Mariaplaats (very cute!), so we often met up at the Domplein as a starting point. One day, while waiting, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the remembrance statue and the trompe l’oeil depiction of the interior of the cathedral framed by the Domtoren walkway. All the empty space in between used to be the nave of the cathedral, but that was destroyed in a “tempest” back in the 1600s. The large image on the wall serves as a sort of window into the interior of the cathedral, looking toward the apse.
Outside Looking InIn the illustration, you can see some of the central ring of columns, the stained glass at the eastern end of the church, and even some of the chandeliers. And this is how it actually looks inside.
There’s a little less stained glass throughout, but otherwise it’s the same. Either way, it’s a beautiful interior, even without all of the statues and decorations that were stripped out during the Reformation. I cut my art history teeth on Gothic architecture, so I do have a fondness for this cathedral, inside and out.

8 thoughts on “Utrecht Cathedral, Inside and Out

  1. I’m glad you had a good week with your guests!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys got up to 🙂
    I love the Dom cathedral … the first (and only) time I went in, there happened to be a choir rehearsing in there, and the music was just breath-taking. Churches have the best acoustics!

    • Thanks to you and others, part of what we got up to was a trip to the markthal in Rotterdam. So much food! 😀

      While we were looking around the cathedral, we ended up talking to one of the sort of tour guides and he mentioned that the organ is among the oldest in Europe. I’ve heard some of the choir and organ in the past, even from outside, and it really is breath taking.

    • The trees are always a nice touch to the square, which could feel a bit barren otherwise. They sometimes seem to take the place of the columns that would have run along the nave. Nature’s columns!

    • I’m not sure but the translator says that Plataan (which is the dutch name for the tree species) is a sycamore in english… definitely not birches

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