5 thoughts on “The Complete Opposite of Today

  1. Hi Alison,

    In response to your blog: on Tuesday it was sunny and 17 in Toronto; by yesterday the high was 3 and it had dropped below freezing by the late evening! From Indian summer into winter within 48 hours. We were in Niagara Falls overnight, in a hotel room with a superb view of the Falls. This morning the trees on the U.S. side were covered in ice, sparkling in the sun. Too bad I had forgotten my camera.

    • I’ve heard from both Canadian and US friends about the snow they’ve had this week. Even down in Alabama it’s gone below freezing! It’s not been that cold actually in the past few days, just grey. Lots and lots of dull grey, though we did get one nice sunset on Wednesday. There’s a chance that the weather might be sunny on Monday, our day off, but the arrival of Sinterklaas today may make him consider a quick return to sunny Spain. 😉

  2. On Tuesday is was grey but dry in Ireland. From Wednesday onwards the whole country risks being washed away by the amount of rain we are getting. My usual drive to work involves gorgeous country roads and plenty of fields; this morning there were no fields, only lakes!!

    • Don’t get washed away! We’ve just had drizzle off and on all week, rather than full-on rain. I guess the rain burns itself out over Ireland and the UK, so we just get the leftovers by the time it makes its way here.

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