Caturday: Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty
As my visiting friends discovered, Utrecht is full of adorable cats and we were all stopping regularly to admire them. This is one I happened to spot on one of the little side streets off Twijnstraat leading down to the canal. After a good stretch, this pretty kitty looked ready to scale a wall or two.

4 thoughts on “Caturday: Pretty Kitty

  1. I lived on the UCU campus last year and there were 2 resident cats that were allowed to roam in and out of all the residences as they pleased. I’m not a huge cat lover, but there was just something about the many cats of Utrecht that I loved!

    • I love that they have resident cats! We’ve got a lot of cats with personality here in town and it’s fun getting to know them. They’ve even got books about them!

  2. I can’t wait to live in Utrecht and see all these pretty kitties for myself!! We don’t have many cats here in The Hague. The restaurant under our apartment got a kitten a few months ago though. Funny story: a Sunday morning we woke up to tragic meows, and we thought there must be some injured cat on one of the surrounding roofs, so we went outside in our pyjamas and did a few round of the block and even got a guy to let us into his building’s courtyard and up to his patio so we could try to find the source of the meowing. We called the Dierenambulance and asked them for advice, and we were getting so worried …
    Turned out it was the kitten meowing in the kitchen! Totally unharmed, just begging for food I think!

    • That kitten must be related to my Luna. The loud howling when she wants to be fed is pretty amazing. Right now, she’s just staring me down, but in a minute or so, you’ll probably be able to hear her there in Den Haag. 😉

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