Domtoren as Fietstoren

Fietstoren Fietstoren








It’s been kerstmarkt (Christmas Market) weekend here in Utrecht, with markets popping up all over town. We hit them all, except the one at Mariaplaats, including the newest one at the Domplein. There will be many more photos to come eventually, but for now, I thought I’d share this fantastic version of the Domtoren, made completely out of bicycle parts. They even added in gargoyles made from bicycle parts! Brilliant!

Eventually, I worked my way around to get the perfect shots. Proof that it pays to look at things from every angle!

4 thoughts on “Domtoren as Fietstoren

    • There were some donkeys nearby that were distracting me with their cuteness, so I almost missed that angle! As soon as I saw it, though, I knew it could be a fun shot. It does look like scaffolding or a cool exoskeleton.

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