Blue Sky Dreaming

utrecht architectureIt’s that time of year again when the skies are grey and rain shows up in the daily forecast. In other words, the weather vacillates between meh and miserable. I really should get one of those sun lamps, but until I do, I’ll tide myself over with pictures of crisp blue skies (and pretty buildings).


4 thoughts on “Blue Sky Dreaming

  1. We have had sun for weeks and only two days of clouds….so I feel kind of lucky….but I guess this winter makes up for the super soggy summer. Anyway….lovely pic!!!!

  2. Well there was that beautiful two hours of sunshine and only a light breeze from about 3PM onward, which coincided with our little tour group of four arriving in Utrecht on a day out by train from Amsterdam via Den Haag. We were lucky enough to see the Dom gloriously sunlit against a blue sky before partaking in an interesting canal cruise before window shopping the Hoog Catherijn and some of the local shopping streets. Unfortunately due to tiredness and illnesses in our group we didn’t get to Vino Veritas this time but we saw enough of Utrecht to want to come back and stay for a week next time.

    • I’m so glad you made the trip to Utrecht and actually got the brief bit of sunshine and decent weather! The Domtoren is beautiful in any weather, but especially when it gets a bit of glorious sunshine. I’m sorry you didn’t get to stop by VV, but glad that the city caught your attention enough for a future visit!

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