Time Travel: Pieterskerkhof and the Domtoren

domtoren seen from pieterskerkhof 1925 HUA creditThe browser tab cleanup continues …
This image (photo via Het Utrechts Archief) of Pieterskerkhof, with the Domtoren in the background, is from 1925. This is a stretch that really hasn’t changed much at all. That’s Pieterskerk (St. Peter’s Church), the brick building on the far left and the only thing that has changed slightly is the entrance, which seems to have grown a story and added a window. (It’s the bit right next to the white/grey building.)

The lamps have changed, there are a lot more bicycles, and a few trees have changed places, but otherwise, it’s instantly recognizable. Trust me, even the buildings in the background are the same.

I used to joke in the US about how certain streets were what I called “church row”, with seemingly a church on every street corner. This takes the cake, though. As I said, that’s a church there on the left and then not much further on, you can see the top of the cathedral and the Domtoren. I’m lousy at distances, but according to Google maps, it’s a walking distance of 230 meters/250 yards. They say it’s a three minute walk, but that seems awfully slow to me. Of course, if you stop to admire the local cats and the beautiful buildings, it will take a lot longer than three minutes.

Always the DomPieterskerkhof is definitely worth a visit if you’re visiting Utrecht or newly arrived. It’s a surprising cul de sac with a fascinating mix of old and new buildings and some great rooftop views. And when the sun filters through the trees, the charm level goes through the roof.
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12 thoughts on “Time Travel: Pieterskerkhof and the Domtoren

    • I think that’s probably the bit I was talking about. I think the black and white you’re referring to is actually part of the archway of the entrance to the church. The second modern photo is of the same spot, just from a different spot, looking back to the point where the first photos were taken, but it shows the actual church more clearly than the first photos do. There’s only a hint of the walls/buttressing in the first photos.

  1. It’s amazing to see how little the street has changed. It would be interesting to use instergram to make the recent photo look more old style like the other.

  2. Does PietersKerkhof have a cemetery close by? I have not been in Utrecht in 7 years and don’t think I made this walk.

    • The only cemetery I’ve seen is just outside the city center, but none inside the old city. Pieterskerkhof is in the heart of the city center really, as the street leads directly to the cathedral.

  3. Thank you! I always look forward to your posts. Memories of home. When I get back I hope to meet and thank you in person at Vino Veritas. Veel Succes !!!

    • I’m so glad you enjoy my posts and that they can give you good memories of home. It’s always a pleasure to get to meet my readers, so I hope you return soon!

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