Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of Colour

Autumn Colour
Autumn Colour
(Not quite wordless as I feel the urge to rant about Flickr and how my original photos looked much better on my laptop than they do now that they’ve been filtered through Flickr. Grrrrrr.)

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of Colour

  1. Lovely pictures! As for your problem with flickr, do you resize your pictures before uploading them to flickr? I have found that resizing the pictures to the size I need before I upload them really does wonders. (and it allows me to upload more pictures since I don’t have to upload the 5MB+ files)

      • That’s probably why your photos look different post-uploading than on your computer. Not sure if flickr used to have a better automatic resizing tool, but if you want your pictures look as good as possible, you should resize & sharpen them before uploading. More work but then again, I can’t bear my pictures looking all blurry after flickr or some other site has run them through their resizing tool. 😉

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