A Watery World

People are always surprised when I say that the Netherlands and Florida are similar in many ways. Both are flat, lots of water, lots of humidity, and as the past few days have proven, the weather can change in a flash and you can have sunshine and rain all at once.

Today I was out running a few errands and trying to enjoy a bit of a wander around the city, as I rarely seem to do these days. Unfortunately, I should have checked the buienradar app before heading out, as I managed to get hailed on twice. But like Florida, these little bursts of precipitation were over quickly. Sure, I looked a bit scraggly by the time I got home, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. In between outbursts, I even managed to get a few photos of items reflected in the puddles. The brick streets may be a pain sometimes, but they do add a certain charm to puddle pictures.

The first that caught my eye was simply the reflection of a lamp in a puddle on a little side street I ducked down to check out some wall art.
Next up was the Stadhuis (city hall) with its grand neoclassical style and central pediment.
Having felt a bit unlucky with all the rain and hail, suddenly Lady Luck decided to give me a break. I had been hoping to get a shot of the Domtoren reflected in a puddle, but wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a conveniently placed puddle. Score! And as you can tell from the raindrop, just in time!

14 thoughts on “A Watery World

    • Yup. That’s pretty much what I got caught in twice today. Later, on my way home from the grocery store, the sun was glaringly bright, but it was also starting to rain ever so lightly.

  1. In Helsinki we also get the rapidly changing weather so I’m quite used to it… Love love love these pictures! There’s something quite magical about them, like you’re looking into another world.

  2. Beautiful pictures. the first one is particularly pretty. I got to cycle home from work last friday and gpt utterly soaked… I’ve managed to avoid the bursts of hail that have troubled utrecht lately.

    • At least you were cycling home when you got drenched! It’s always worse when you’re going somewhere knowing you’ll have to drip dry. Yesterday’s hail wasn’t too bad, especially in comparison to some we’ve had recently. I remember seeing some that made me glad to be safe indoors!

    • Thanks! Fortunately, even with the rain, there’s been quite a bit of sunshine, which is a nice break from nothing but grey. But I guess I’ll take grey over the heavy snows you’ve all been having!

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