Junk in the Trunk

bicycle basket
Wednesday, I showed you a bakfiets, useful for carting around kids, groceries, pets, household goods, etc. The ability to transport more than just yourself from place to place is an important part of making cycling an everyday mode of transport, rather than just a sport. Of course, if a regular bakfiets is a bit too big for your needs, you can always go with something a bit more streamlined. Plenty of space for groceries and small pets in that plastic bucket on the bike above.

However, if you’re regularly transporting large items, you might need something with a bit more storage space. Fortunately, there’s a bike for that. Who needs a truck when you’ve got the bakfiets XL!
bike transport
I’ve seen these used for a variety of purposes. Cornering might be a bit more difficult, but you can certainly fit plenty of stuff in there!

However, many of us make do with a normal bike and a regular basket up front and/or saddle bags on the back. It’s surprising just how much you can get on a regular omafiets. And for the slightly bulkier or more awkward items like brooms and storage containers? Well, just hang on to them like these women are doing.
bike transport

2 thoughts on “Junk in the Trunk

  1. Our cycling culture is one of the few things I am genuinely proud about (I do not like nationalism or patriotism. I’m a citizen of earth first)…. Bakfietsen steer very awkardly, and because they tend to have no different gears to change to they cycle very heavily, but using one definitely beats the hell out of carrying whatever awkardly big thing you have to move. Within the squatter/alternative community the homemade ‘Bakbrommer’ is not an uncommon thing. Cut off the front of your brommer, and attach to your homemade bak. They even do Bakbrommer races.They are supposed to be a lot of fun, sadly I never got to go to one of them but a friend of mine had a bakbrommer, and went (he might have one again for all I know, haven’t seen him in a while) every year and his stopries are awesome

  2. Oh and btw, the Bakfiets XL is the original bakfiets. The hip new (and very useful) smaller ones are something of the last 15 years or so.

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