Klein New Orleans Intro

Klein New Orleans
Sunday was a glorious day and perfect for all of the festivals going on throughout the city that day. There was a food truck festival over at Griftpark, a Jazzfest over at Janskerkhof, and of course, the first Klein New Orleans on Breedstraat. For a new event, it was packed, even early on! I have plenty to write about — and lots of photos — but I also have a raging headache today, so I’ll save the details for tomorrow.

For now, some of the underwear bunting that served as decoration. Not, perhaps, what I would have thought of were I doing the decorating myself, but I suppose it still works. Certainly kind of funny. In the first photo, the two buildings in the background are named Castor and Pollux. That actually seems to fit New Orleans well, as the city has a number of references to mythology, including cross streets along St. Charles Avenue named for the muses.

As for this next photo, I couldn’t resist the combination of the corset and the cross. This also seems somehow appropriate for New Orleans and certainly takes me back to many a late-night discussion, especially one about the architecture of different faiths and our own quirky takes on the symbolism. Thanks for that late-night drive and discussion, Jenny and Lee.
Klein New Orleans
Klein New Orleans

2 thoughts on “Klein New Orleans Intro

  1. These photos are so fun!!!!! The Italians would love it for sure! And they really do hang their clothes and (obviously) their undies out. One time, my VERY classy and distinguished older neighbor from upstairs dropped his underwear on my balcony. He came ringing the doorbell asking for them back…poor him…he was so embarrassed.

    • Ha! I think at that point I’d be tempted to just buy new ones. 😉 Here, you’re more likely to see duvets hanging out a window. I have too many allergies for that.

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