DSC08161So it seems that 600,000-800,000 tourists are expected here in Utrecht for the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in July. The city’s population will double or nearly triple.

That’s a LOT of people.

I thought the Domplein seemed much too crowded with tourists as it is on a normal sunny Sunday. Hmmm. Maybe I should stop encouraging people to visit more of the country than just Amsterdam.

10 thoughts on “800,000?!

    • It’s on part of the same street, though sadly not passing right in front of us. I think some places are opening for breakfast. We’ll probably at least open for lunch that day to try to get some extra people in and make the most of it.

    • I think I’ve seen the Copenhagenize stuff before from fellow Utrechters/cycling infrastructure leaders. I can certainly see why Utrecht would be ranked so high. The fact that it wasn’t until the 1970s that the Netherlands really made an effort to build an infrastructure is what makes it all even more interesting. Of course, they’ve also been updating streets, etc. here in town for the race itself. But that’s another post. šŸ™‚

  1. Oh dear! Our friend is coming over from the UK specifically to see the start… so we have to accompany him. Not my thing at all (the crowds or the cycling!!) It’s a good thing he’s a close friend!!

    • I don’t mind the cycling, but not a fan of crowds! Plus, seeing it in person seems anticlimactic, because it’s all over so quickly. We had part of the Giro d’Italia here in Utrecht a few years ago and I watched on tv for a while until they were getting close to entering the city. I lived down the street from one section of the course, so was able to see them all, but it really was over in seconds. Plus, there’s the noise of the circling helicopters. I know a nice place to stop for wine if it all gets a bit too much. šŸ˜‰

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