Honeybun Nijntje

Nijntje Honeybun
The vismarkt (fish market) might not seem the obvious spot for a somewhat glam rabbit, but that’s just where you can find this almost exotic looking version of Nijntje/Miffy. She’s certainly got a great view of both the Oudegracht and the Stadhuis. She hit the jackpot on location as part of the 60th anniversary celebration of Nijntje!
Nijntje HoneybunShe gets a lot of admirers, as well. This little girl seemed pretty enamored with her. Or maybe it’s just the name. This eye-catching rabbit has a mouthwatering name: Honeybun. She was painted by artist Barbara Wijnveld. She’s grown on me the more I’ve looked at her. Beautiful colors, and lines full of movement, but with an alluring stillness.
Nijntje Honeybun
Nijntje Honeybun

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