Autumn Colors Along the Maliebaan

maliebaan herfst autumn colors trees changingFinally, there was no fog on our walk this morning. Just lots of sunshine and beautiful colors. We took a stroll along the Maliebaan. The Maliebaan is a historic and scenic street that has walking paths along both sides of the street, and even some pieces of sculpture along one side. This is also where the first bicycle path was created in the Netherlands in 1885. There’s a sign post that commemorates what would be the first of many cycling paths in this country.
eerste fietspad first cycle path in the netherlandsBut for a girl and her dog, it’s just a great place to take a walk on a crisp autumn morning.



6 thoughts on “Autumn Colors Along the Maliebaan

  1. Colours are gorgeous at the moment. Hope they last a few more days. In the UK, that kind of bike is called a penny-farthing. I wonder if it had an equivalent in the Netherlands in the late 1800’s.

    • Wonderful! Great to learn about the Dutch names. Hoge (hoog) means “high” and the daalder and dubbeltje were coins, tying in with the penny-farthing name. Thanks for finding the info!

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