When the Waters Rise

catharijnesingelI mentioned recently that they’re in the process of rejoining the ring canal that circles the old city center of Utrecht. Most of the canal has remained, but a section on the western side of town was turned into a highway. However, that road was closed in 2010 and the process of turning it back into a canal (and connecting it with the canal that remains) then began. It’s part of an ongoing project to rebuild that part of town, making it more attractive, inviting, and useful.

This is the view from the Hoog Catharijne mall, looking down on what will eventually be a canal once again. This photo is from a few months back, probably around early July. It doesn’t look like it is ready for water, and to be honest, I’m not sure if that section is yet, but they’re getting closer to filling in the water in one section of the rebuilt canal. I haven’t found any specific dates, but someone did pass along a handy link to a live webcam you can watch where the water will be added relatively soon. If you enjoy a good webcam it’s worth checking out.

I’m slightly disoriented, but I think this is the northern bit that will be filled in first. If the camera were to keep panning to the right, I think it would eventually be facing the spot where I took my photo. Essentially, the webcam view is of the construction in the far distance of my photo. I think. Maybe. Perhaps.

3 thoughts on “When the Waters Rise

  1. You are absolutely right with your orientation! No need for ifs, maybes or perhapses. 😉
    The water will indeed return from the north to the point of the bridges by the music theatre. I was there filming today, there already is a bit of water under the bridge! So you were also right to assume that the location of your picture will take a bit more time. But the water’s coming! I am very exited about it!

    • The bend was what made me pretty sure that it was the northern bit, plus, I thought that looked like one of the new bridges they’ve built. Thanks for the confirmation! It really will be nice to have it filled in once again. I’m glad I get to experience all of this, in one form or another.

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