Domtoren Distances

Domtoren Up and Down
Utrecht’s Domtoren is the tallest bell tower in the Netherlands, standing just over 112 meters (367+ feet). I remember seeing a website a few years ago that talked about if the Domtoren fell and showed the radius of the potential destruction. I’m sure the website is still around, but I don’t really feel like searching for it.

However, last month, a plaque was put into the sidewalk on Zadelstraat, marking the spot where the tip of the Domtoren would land (assuming it fell straight and in one piece, of course). That marker is what you see in the photo above.
Domtoren Up and Down
If you stand in the spot, you can just make out the base of the Domtoren in the distance, mainly the arch. There’s also a canal in between the tower and the marker. That’s about all you see if you just look forward at eye level. It’s not until you crane your neck back that you can see the whole Domtoren.
Domtoren Up and Down
The granite tile was made and donated by an anonymous art duo known as GVR. Their idea was that when people stand on the spot, they realize just how big an icon the tower is for the city.

3 thoughts on “Domtoren Distances

  1. I had my first piano lessons at the building on the right! I am an Utrecht since i was born and just want to say i really like your blog! Keep it up

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