Huize Molenaar Viewbox

Huize Molenaar
I regularly see things related to Utrecht on Twitter or Facebook that interest me. As a reminder, I open up a separate tab in my browser and hope to get around to following up on it in the not too distant future. I’m not always successful, as I kept one tab open for more than a year before finally giving up on it.

Today, however, I’m able to close two tabs. One was for the Heksen van Bruegel (Bruegel’s Witches) exhibit at the Catharijneconvent Museum. I may or may not post on it, as it was mainly for a bit of research for an article I’ll be writing on Bruegel in the future. However, today was the last day of the exhibit, so it was now or never! The other tab I can close relates to the Huize Molenaar and more specifically, a viewbox on a lamp outside of the building.
Huize Molenaar
I’d seen the viewbox somewhere online and was curious to see it myself, so I’ve had the Huize Molenaar website open for around a month. I’d forgotten about it while I was showing my friend around the other weekend, otherwise I could have checked it off my list earlier. I had honestly forgotten about it again today, until I was walking past the building itself and suddenly from the deep recesses of my mind, I remembered that there was something specific related to this building that I wanted to see. Finally, it clicked, just as I was about to walk past the lamp to which the viewbox is attached.

Huize Molenaar is used for private events, ranging from meetings to wedding receptions, and they offer fine dining for any of the events. They’ve been hosting private events since 1892. The viewer shows what looks to be an old photo from one of those earlier events. Ultimately, it’s just one of those cute, quirky things that makes walking down the streets of Utrecht that little bit more interesting.
Huize Molenaar

9 thoughts on “Huize Molenaar Viewbox

  1. My parents’ wedding reception was in Huize Molenaar! They married in 1965. My dad met Mam while he was stationed in the Netherlands. I lived there for a year in the 70’s when I went to a Dutch kindergarten. We lived with my Opa while the Air Force sent my dad to Thailand for a year without us. In 2009, my husband and parenats and I spent 3 weeks in the Netherlands, mostly base out of Utrecht. It was a delight renewing my language skills, seeing my childhood sights from an adult perspective, and immersing my well-traveled husband in Dutch culture. Fingers crosssed that we’ll move there when he’s done with his own military career.

    I stumbled across your blog on Sint Maartensdag when I wanted to post something to my facebook page about the patron saint of my mom’s home town. I’ve been following you ever since, but rarely comment. Thank you for all your nuggets about one of my favorite cities in the world. One that feels almost like home, though I haven’t lived there since I was 6. I, too, am a dog person and a writer, so your thoughts on Utrecht feel like those of a friend. I wish you and your partner all the best there.

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